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Martin’s experience extends for decades. In 1998 he bought the rundown ‘Universal Caravan & coachbuilders Ltd’, then proceeded to design / develop and produce a comprehensive new range of motorhomes and by 2004 his company was the 3rd largest producer of new Motorhomes in NZ!

The company also provided a full range of design, installation, repairs and maintenance services to the industry and private sector for decades.

Later, selling his successful company, Martin took his expertise to Australia for few years, and now returned home to Christchurch and continues in the industry he loves and knows oh so very well with his new company CANFIX Ltd.


Martin is also:

  • Fully Licensed LPG/GAS Practitioner

  • One of the founding members of the RVCMANZ

  • One of the earliest to be licensed for LPG / Gas fitting in Canterbury

  • Sits the board of the NZ Standards Board to revise NZ Standards for LPG for the Motorhome and Caravan industry


So if you need someone who is a true specialist in this sector, someone who knows what he is doing - than he should be your first call and your “Go to Guy!”

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